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If you are a self-pitying “victim,” poker is the wrong game for you. Bad luck and other people’s mistakes will often hurt you. Instead of whining, winners regard them as parts of the “beauty of poker.”

One of the reasons that poker is so popular is that luck is an equalizer against more talented players in a short period…. If the best player or the best hand always won the pot, poker would not exist…. Those who…make money at poker should be thankful for the beauty of poker, for it is why players keep coming back to play

Countless players—both good and bad—whine constantly about other people’s mistakes even though “every penny of your long-term profit playing poker comes from exploiting your opponents’ mistakes and predictable tendencies.”

Accept People As They Are

Analyze who they are, how they see things, and what they are trying to do, but don’t judge them. When I ask friends about other players, they often reply judgmentally: “He’s a good player.” “He’s weak.” “He’s a doofus.”

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